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Wedding questions

What is your style?

I'm a lifestyle - documentary wedding photographer and love to capture natural candid moments through the day: if you laugh I will capture that if you will be crying I will capture that too. I love to capture raw emotions and connections between people. Even posed photos I prefer to capture natural and happy way. 

I'm very friendly, easy going and a great peoples person. I expect the unexpected and stay relax in any situation (who wouldn't with few young kids in the house? :) and I adapt easily! I'm highly organized and creative.

Feel free to browse through my wedding portfolio and recent weddings to feel the atmosphere, energy, and style. I truly believe if you feel the connection we are a great match, choose from your heart!

What wedding coverage do you provide?

Each wedding is so special and has their own timelines and vibe, so I'm flexible on creating a custom quote: from elopement session to full wedding day coverage.  I'm happy to capture different parts of the day based on your needs: from ceremony + intimate session small weddings {with one photographer} to getting ready, first look etc., ceremony, bride & groom session and reception - speeches, cake cutting, first dance, guests dancing {with two photographers}. I would love to have a chat with you and discuss your wedding plans. So please reach out to me!

How many images do we receive from our wedding?

Each wedding has different hours, locations, an amount of events, so I'm not limiting the number of images. Luckily you will receive all worthy photographs - high-resolution images on wooden USB stick minus those ones where people blinking etc. Every wedding package includes unlimited downloads of your images from a gorgeous online gallery with the private password. (You can plan on around 60-80 images per hour shooting, so 10 hours wedding give you around 600-800 images in final photo gallery). 

When will our photos be ready for viewing?

8-10 weeks following your wedding, your online gallery will go live showcasing your beautiful images ready for downloading {+ high-resolution digital files on wooden USB stick} - editing rush 2 weeks available on request. These numbers for orientation only as I try to do my best to deliver images as fast as they ready.

What camera do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Nikon D850, as well as Nikon D750 backup camera. I use following lenses through the weddings day: Nikon 24 mm, Sigma 35 mm 1.8 Art, Nikon 50 mm 1.4, Nikon 24-70 mm 2.8, Nikon 85 mm 1.8, Nikon 70-200 mm 2.8, Sigma 135 mm 1.4 and Lensbaby Sweet 35 mm.

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

I prefer to give my clients my complete attention and creativity and also spend time with my family and young kids {I always keep few weekends open to family time or extra engagements | pre-wedding photo shoots. I choose to shoot limited quantity of weddings each month [my sweet number is 22 weddings per year}.

Is engagement/couples session includes in our wedding package?

You can add on an engagement session to any package. I often have couples from overseas getting married in New Zealand or travel to destination weddings so pre-wedding session is an extra option. This photo shoot allow us to get to know each other, feel at ease on the wedding day and get some stunning photographs. We feel each other and know how we roll :)

Do you have a second photographer? 

I have a solid team of professional second photographers, but mostly shoot with my husband Matt {we understand each other without words, have a good trust, and also trained by our kids to have fast decisions in each extreme situation :) }. It will allow things to run smoothly on your wedding day and you'll get the variety of images, different angles and ability do not miss any important for you moment. For example, one photographer doing bride getting ready shots, another one hang with the groom and other guys; one capturing bride walking down the aisle, another one - groom's reaction and emotions etc. 

Do we need to provide you a family formals list?

I will send you an online wedding Questionnaire {which is due one month before your wedding day} with main questions which allow us to be well prepared and understand your wedding day flow and your needs {wedding timeline, family formals list, creative team list and some information about your couple and your wedding plans}. I'm highly organised person and prefer to have family groups list in my hands during formals which save us a lot of time - I'd like to shoot formals fast so you can move it out of the way and fully enjoy your day {also you can delegate a family member to gather people around {MC or family members just perfect for this role}. 

How long do we need for couples intimate session?

I would love to spend with you around 30 min-1.5 hours at bride and groom's session {depending on number of locations, travel time etc.}. I would recommend to cap on travelling time to location at maximum 15-20 min one way {so you not spend too much time away from your guests and family and not feel in rush if things running late}. 

I will do the mix of posed and unposed portraits and moments so you can fully enjoy our time together. If you really on tight timeline minimum time for the photo shoot is 30 min which gives us the basic number of photographs. Also, consider to include a first look {which allows to do a bridal party session prior the ceremony and saves some time in between of ceremony and reception} or sneak out of reception for sunset | night photos {needs around 20 min}. So your session can be before the ceremony, between ceremony and reception, or take three spots during the day {all above plus sunset | night photographs}

Do we need to provide you a meal at reception?

I will highly appreciate having a one hot meal for me and my second photographer at weddings over 6 hours of coverage. Thank you for understanding and for recharging us for the rest of the day, so we can get happy dancing shots! 

Can we order a wedding album with you?

Yes, you can add on prints/products A La Carte {Lifetime package include an album}. I am working with local best reputable lab, you also have rights to print images at the lab of your choice.

Do you travel?

Travel is my other passion after photography. I love to travel to destination weddings nationwide and around the world. I'm happy to capture special for your moments in any place on the planet, so don't hesitate to share with me your exciting plans!

How far in advance should we book your photography services for our wedding?

I recommend booking as soon as you engaged. I already booked up to 12-18 months, so it's crucial that you reserve your place as soon as possible. But there always a chance your date still available :)

What if you booked for our date?

It's always hard to turn away couples because I booked for their date or I just not fit in their budget. I found the solution to this problem - an associate program! I carefully selected and trained a few people who perfectly fit my style and shares with me my vision and love for fine art | lifestyle wedding photography with natural approach, when everyone feels relaxed in front of the camera and can fully enjoy their wedding day, get emotional and artistic, stunning photographs which truly reflect the story of your wedding day. They second shoot along side with me at many weddings captured plenty of weddings on their own and perfectly fit with my brand! Two of them have their own successful photography businesses {they just want to spend more time on shooting and creating beautiful photographs and less on editing | post-processing ;)}. I appreciate their time and talent! I'm happy to offer 2 associate photographers on your wedding day to cover all important for your moments and events on the day, and hand-edit myself each photograph to fit my style and vision of wedding photography. I'm happy to help!

Do you pencil a date?

I would love to save the date for you, but often have a few inquiries for the same date {sometimes even during the same day!}. As dates are limited I'm taking bookings on "first come, first served" basis {only contract + booking retainer lock in your date in my calendar}. 

Do you keep the same price as when we initially inquire?

All prices are subject to change. I would recommend to book as fast as you know your date and approximate coverage {you are more then welcome to extend the coverage just before the wedding day if needed}. 

How do I book you?
It's really easy. A signed online contract + retainer on your choice {50% or $1300} need to be completed to hold your date. This is non-refundable and will be applied to your total balance. The remaining balance is due at least 30 days before your wedding. 

All of the travel fees for destination weddings are due at the time of booking to secure air tickets and accommodation.

Contact me to get the process started!

I am happy to meet up to discuss your wedding day plans, answer any questions and better to know each other to understand if we are a good fit. Let's have a chat! You can easily book a spot in my online scheduling system, please contact me for details!


Olga Levien